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Who is Atlas?

Atlas is an industrial drone manufacturer based in Europe. Established in 2015, Atlas has set out to build solutions that leverage groundbreaking unmanned capabilities to improve efficiencies and promote safety.


Our team of professionals, as well as our proficiency, comprehension, and expertise in the aerospace area, provide us a strong competitive advantage. We are a dedicated and passionate team eager to share our products with the world. Atlas' products will revolutionize the way UAVs are used in the professional market and unleash the full potential of unmanned systems.

" ATLAS it's not about startup. It’s about product passion. I want to deliver the best product that meets the largest number of customers, meets their problems, and meets the use case. "

Ivan Tolchinsky


ATLAS created its first drone model. It had two iterations, Gen A and Gen B.
ATLAS presented its Gen C drone. The first 30 were tested.
ATLAS started to work with NATO.The company created the AtlasPRO drone model, its first type of modern drone. ATLAS was included in the NATO catalog.
ATLAS made the first AtlasNEST. The ATLAS office in the EU was expanded.
ATLAS presented the ArgusM20 and Kalos120 payloads. The company built its factory in the EU (Riga, Latvia).
ATLAS made the VizorFF camera and SDR module.  Atlas products were sold to the EU, Singapore, Japan, other NATO members, and also to Ukraine. Clients bought 200 AtlasNEST systems.
ATLAS created the AtlasSTATION PRO.The company works with every EU country.
ATLAS expanded its production capacity. The company built a 1,500 m2 manufacturing facility, and created several dozen additional jobs.
ATLAS has presented the new GCS AtlasULTRA.

Atlas Aerospace

Ulbrokas iela 19a, Rīga, LV-1021, Latvia+371 68 000 777Mail

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