The most intuitive and cost-effecting drone docking and charging station of it's kind

Top Features
System Dimensions: 160 x 96 x 42 cm
Deployed Dimensions: 250 x 110 x 52 cm
Weight: <90 kg (Two-Man Carry)
Takeoff: Automated, typ. response 70 sec
Landing: Automated
Drone Interaction: Battery replacement & Launch typ. 180 sec
Launch Type: Vertical takeoff & Landing
Battery Charge Time: 100% in 1HRN
Number of Batteries: 4
AtlasPRO C2 Methods: 2.2 - 2.7 GHz
AtlasPRO C2 Range: up to 8 km LOS
AtlasNEST C2 Methods: Local WIFI, Ethernet 100 Mbit min., LTE Module
Transmitted: 128/256BIT AES Encryption of all transmitted data
Onboard: WPA3 SAE (CCMP)
Systems Equipped: 2.2 - 2.7 GHz
Mesh Options: Available
Temp. Range: -20˚C to +30˚C
With External Thermal Management System: -40˚C to +55˚C
IP Rating: IP53 designed
Internal Systems: Internal climate control system with humidity/temperature monitoring & regulation
Power Source: 220 - 230V / 50Hz
Setup Pad Dimensions: 200 x 300 cm
Internet Connection: Required for remote access options, 100 Mbit connection min.
Maintenance Schedule: 10K Cycle, 3 month maintenance check
Additional Configurations: External AC / Heater, Backup Power Supply (60min battery time), LTE

All product specifications are subject to change without notice
Autonomous Battery Swapping
24/7 readiness
Built-in AI
Easy to Integrate
Autonomous Landing and Take-off
No Human factor
AtlasNEST Specification

AtlasNEST versus manned helicopters

Fully autonomous system
Takes up to 3 min to deploy
Easily portable
Maintenance 3 times a year
Easily integrable
In need of an operator
Takes up to an hour to deploy
Requires a lot of space
Monthly maintenance
Not possible to integrate

Difficult technology made simple and affordable

“AtlasNEST is a benchmark of our company policy, it is easy to use and easy to operate. New products and systems should not cost more than the profit they bring. They should help and make life easier.”
- ATLAS CEO Ivan Tolchinsky.
No human factor, fully autonomous system
After unpacking, the product is ready to use.
It's simple to set up anywhere. There are no additional wires required aside from one power socket.
It is easily transportable and may be handled by as little as two people

Autonomous System

An operator simply needs to set a target destination on the AtlasSTATION interface to have the autonomous system complete the mission.

autonomous take-off and landing
built in AI
autonomous battery swapping
precision landing system

One Box, One System

The AtlasNEST system is designed for use across various industries. For infrastructure inspections, emergency circumstances, and security missions, the docking station provides fully autonomous 24/7 readiness.
Less dangerous
Time saving
Cost saving


Infrastructure inspection is a time-consuming and risky task. Sending a drone to collect visual data and reveal possible problems can help prevent putting personnel in unsafe circumstances. Due to built-in AI technologies and an easy-to-use AtlasApp user interface, ATLAS products can complete specific tasks quickly and effectively.

Data provision to make the most efficient decisions
Smart Thermal inspections with VISOR NX and VISOR FF thermal cameras
Building Information Modelling for construction progress and quality monitoring
Building Information Modelling and data management with 3D mapping and pointcloud
Accurate data provision in a livestream format to check on facility construction
Harm reduction by sending AtlasPRO instead of a person to enter hazardous situations


A drone acting as a first responder broadcasts live from the scene of the incident, reducing the danger of making the wrong decision. Improve situational awareness by spotting missing individuals or a fire source ATLAS technologies assist search and rescue teams and fire fighters in gathering vital data and planning missions with optimum efficiency while minimizing the risk to human life.

Data provision from the scene in a livestream format to help with a better emergency management
Instant response and quick deployment to the scene assisting S&R teams
Aid for emergency services helping figure out how to plan the rescue efforts
Real time data provision of the aftermath of disaster
Ability to access and provide assistance in the most dangerous and inaccessible areas
Safest path’s identification when rescuing people by boat


ATLAS products provide personnel with regular updates on the perimeter condition, which can assist them in determining their next line of action. Our drones assist the reinforcing security forces 24/7, and can recognize moving and steady objects from great distances at any time of day or night. Furthermore, the ATLAS system may be effortlessly incorporated into an existing security system, operating alongside monitoring and recording cameras to help avoid invasions and risks.

Territory monitoring at a lower
cost using no human
factor technologies
Constant visibility of the processes that take place on the monitored territory
Convenient observation spot to prevent chaotic and crowded situations
Immediate alert delivery about intruders on the territory
Intruder recognition and pursuit
Hourly prescheduled patrol around the territory and immediate situational awareness provision


ATLAS products provide farmers a cost-effective alternative to human resources, heavy machinery, and other instruments when it comes to agricultural management. They're also available for deployment 24/7, and can be put on any farm to boost production and profitability. The ATLAS system is advantageous since it not only offers a bird's eye perspective of the field, but it also delivers more comprehensive information on the status of the crop.

Farm monitoring to protect assets in the event of an abnormality behaviour of the livestock
Hourly livestream of the field condition straight to the office
Accurate mapping of the field as often as needed to control plants’ growth rate
Large amount of  grain stock piles measuring
Field’s temperature and weather condition monitor to prevent drought and eliminate the risk of wildlife damage
Conforming to environmental laws and standards through consistent crop monitoring

AtlasNEST is simple to incorporate into current security systems due to the Atlas SDK.

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