February 16, 2023

ATLAS Has Tested The New Battle-Proof SDR Module

The battle-proof SDR (software-defined radio) module helps confront the enemy’s jamming and spoofing more efficiently.

Ukrainian soldier tests ATLAS SDR close to Bakhmut
Ukrainian soldier tests ATLAS SDR close to Bakhmut

ATLAS presents the revised ATLAS SDR. This product will be especially useful for military specialists, particularly those who are engaged in active combat operations.

Upgraded SDR has passed the tests on Electronic Warfare in the East of Ukraine, including drone jamming and spoofing.

Serhii A. (“Ef” call sign), a Ukrainian soldier, who protects Bakhmut Fortress tested new opportunities of SDR:

“At first, we flew at an altitude of 200 meters, and only the GPS signal was lost, which is expected, but not a serious obstacle to the task. Then we lowered the height to 150....100 m... the effect was the same, no GPS, full control signal strength. It was very encouraging and hopeful. Then we made a couple of circles at an extremely low altitude and saw the surprised eyes of the operator of the Electronic Warfare, who failed jamming with the AtlasPRO."

The main feature of this next-generation product is smart-hopping. It has the ability to define the wave factor within a wide range of frequencies. The revised SDR module independently determines where the enemy’s warfare complex is located, scans frequencies to detect the jamming range, and jumps to free frequencies in automatic mode.

Serhii A. adds:

"Of course, flying a drone without satellites requires some skills, but the main thing here is that the control is maintained! The frequency hopping system really works and will give a real chance to save the equipment and complete the mission.”

Previously, a pilot would need to scan and choose frequencies for flying manually, but now, the pilot can use this system out of the box to more effectively avoid signal loss, resist enemy interference more actively, and conduct reconnaissance and surveillance even in GPS jamming conditions.

“ATLAS has been cooperating with the Ukrainian military for a few years,” says ATLAS CEO Ivan Tolchinsky. “We understand that both the Ukrainians and the Russians constantly increase the potential of UAVs. In real war conditions, the necessity of jamming and spoofing protection is growing exponentially. Based on the wishes and experience of Ukrainian colleagues, the company managed to develop a new hopping system that will more effectively resist signal suppression by the enemy.”

The company was working on this SDR revision for about half a year. There is no additional cost for users to access this feature. They can just update the ATLASAPP.

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