May 7, 2024

ATLAS Is In The NATO Congress Book

ATLAS is proud to share our experience with innovations and advancements in the military sphere in the Congress Book to the 5th NATO Mountain Warfare Congress. We're committed to ensuring our products and services align with the high landscape of defense technology.

ATLAS Enhances Military Operations

The integration of cutting-edge technology into military operations is a defining feature of the modern era. 

In the last few years, since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world and developers have seen how small systems work. Bulky equipment is gradually being relegated to the background. Various drones, ground-based UAVs, homemade trench electronic warfare, and other solutions are in demand. They are more affordable and easy to use in a crisis. ATLAS engineers had to solve many technological challenges in the conditions of the Russian-Ukrainian war, and as a result, the ATLAS team improved the products according to military needs.

In this article, we explore how ATLAS, a leading innovator in the field of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), is changing the game with its state-of-the-art AtlasTETHER and AtlasPRO systems. These advanced tools are helping military and intelligence personnel achieve their objectives even in the face of intense electronic warfare and jamming, reshaping the landscape of security and defense in the process.

Expanding ATLAS's Footprint

ATLAS has been working closely with Ukraine since 2019, providing high-performance dual-use UAVs, including the AtlasPRO. 

AtlasTETHER – Securing Strategic Facilities

AtlasTETHER, a tethered drone that forms part of the ATLAS ECOSYSTEM, recently underwent successful testing in Ukraine. The primary objective was to demonstrate its ability to provide continuous monitoring of a strategic facility even in the presence of electronic warfare. This achievement represents a significant advancement in military surveillance and intelligence gathering.

AtlasTETHER proves itself indispensable in safeguarding strategic military sites, critical infrastructure, and crowded areas, thanks to its real-time video streaming capabilities. These capabilities ensure the immediate transmission of live images to command centers, enhancing acute situational awareness.

Ivan Tolchinsky, ATLAS CEO, said:

"Testing devices in real conditions is much tougher than any simulated ones, pushing our devices to the limit and providing invaluable insights. Through these tests in Ukraine, we've confirmed that AtlasTETHER operates independently of GPS”. 
“Our system performs flawlessly, maintaining consistency even when signal strength wanes, all thanks to the revolutionary optical flow technology that sets us apart.” 

During the tests, AtlasTETHER was put into many different situations, yet the system remained stable due to optical flow technology. This device delivers exceptional performance when you need it most, making us the foremost choice for unrivaled reliability in any mission.

The 20x hybrid zoom and the 10x digital zoom allow the user to see a detailed picture and to display a visual grid to define the target. In addition, the use of a thermal camera allows for observation at night.

AtlasPRO – Defying Electronic Warfare

The AtlasPRO drone, known for its robust design and innovative software-defined radio (SDR) module, has been effectively resisting electronic warfare during tests. Equipped with frequency hopping technology, the AtlasPRO can adapt to different radio frequencies, even in the presence of jamming systems, and maintain stable connections.

The frequency hopping feature in AtlasPRO demonstrates its resilience against jamming systems, making it a valuable asset for military personnel. The drone's adaptability ensures successful mission completion under challenging conditions, a crucial selling point for defense agencies.

The Military's Response to Electronic Warfare

Ukrainian military experts and soldiers have been exploring the capabilities of the AtlasPRO in a real-world electronic warfare scenario. The drone's ability to maintain control even in the presence of electronic warfare systems is a game-changer for military operations.

The successful testing of AtlasPRO highlights its combat-readiness and its potential to significantly reduce the loss of drones in hostile environments. This crucial selling point positions AtlasPRO as a reliable choice for defense forces in need of resilient UAS.

The full version of the article is here.

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