April 18, 2024

ATLAS Launches New Battery Extending Flight Time to 40 Minutes

The new battery has been successfully tested on training and real missions and is now available to customers.

ATLAS is pleased to announce that the AtlasPRO has been upgraded with a new battery, enabling an unprecedented flight duration of up to 40 minutes.

ATLAS CEO Ivan Tolchinsky said: 

"With the new battery that extends flight time to forty minutes, operators can fly missions with great confidence. The AtlasPRO's enhanced endurance enables operators to cover longer distances, expanding the scope of surveillance and target acquisition."

The new battery has already been tested successfully during both training and missions.

ATLAS instructor Garik Sisakian added: 

"During a field demo at Estonian Defense Camp 2024, where temperatures plummeted to -22 degrees Celsius, the AtlasPRO with the new battery showcased unparalleled weather resistance."

The new battery offers both new and current ATLAS customers the opportunity to dramatically expand flight duration for various types of operations. For more information or requests regarding the new battery, please send your inquiries to 

Battery specifications

Capacity Battery: 8000mAh

Voltage: 1 5.2 Rated 17.6 Max

Battery type: LI-ION 4S

Energy: 121.6Wh

Net Weight: 588g

Max charging power 100w

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