November 20, 2023

ATLAS recruits Ukrainian war veterans as UAV instructors

There are currently two ATLAS instructor vacancies at the Ukrainian R&D office in Kyiv. The main function of these positions will be to train future UAV operators to fly with AtlasPRO drones.

ATLAS recruits Ukrainian war veterans as UAV instructors
ATLAS recruits Ukrainian war veterans as UAV instructors

ATLAS seeks to hire Ukrainian ex-military and war veterans as UAV instructors. ATLAS will provide training for the new employees to operate the AtlasPRO drone and other ATLAS devices. In particular, veterans who have been severely injured or traumatized as a result of the war are encouraged to apply.

Ivan Tolchinsky, ATLAS CEO, said:

“We are faced with an acute shortage of ATLAS instructors in Ukraine. We are looking for specialists who want and love to fly drones. Many military personnel who were traumatized by Russian aggression are also now looking for a new profession. We invite them to become ATLAS's eyes in the sky and to develop in one of the most technologically advanced areas. We admire the strength of the Ukrainian people and our mission is to support Ukrainians in their struggle.”

ATLAS has developed a special instructor program, consisting of theory, practice, and an exam. It is more in-depth than the operator course and requires a deeper understanding of many of the technical features of UAV operation.

The ATLAS instructor said:

“During the theoretical course, the future instructor will learn what the AtlasPRO drone is made of, how the system works, and the main tactical aspects of using our product. During the practical course, we will hone our ability to pilot a UAV and to analyze behavior in extreme situations and tell you all the capabilities of the product in the sky. In fact, it’s not difficult. The main thing is the candidate’s desire to absorb new things–we provide the basics.”

If you want to become part of the ATLAS team and are ready to become a professional UAV pilot instructor, send your letter of intent and CV here.

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