August 2, 2022

AtlasPro Has a True Jamming Protection

AtlasPro drones have passed the tests in Ukraine on electronic warfare complexes.

 The Ukrainian defender works with AtlasPro
The Ukrainian defender works with AtlasPro

The Ukrainian defenders have checked how the drone reacts to jamming, spoofing, and interference. As a result, AtlasPro has demonstrated true jamming protection. It means that when using AtlasPro in the real situation during the fighting, a pilot can operate this drone manually with no GPS mode and yet doesn’t lose a military bird.

Andrii (“Cat” call sign), the Ukrainian soldier, says:

“Drones are like spies. If you see where the positions of your enemy are, you can go forward safely. And you can see most of what is happening there. Drones are like eyes for military personnel. They could be used as fire observers”.

Andrii has already worked with AtlasPro. Also, he has talked separately about the MESH function. It allows the pilot to operate a few drones at the same time using just one station. Therefore - to explore more areas. 

The COME BACK ALIVE Ukrainian Charity fund has bought 100 Atlas unmanned complexes for Ukrainian defenders. It includes 300 drones, ground control stations, repeaters, a few payloads, and a set of spare parts. Atlas team is working on the next supply for Ukraine which has been ordered by the COME BACK ALIVE.

ATLAS works closely with Ukrainian military personnel. Thanks to working together the company have adapted AtlasPro to the Russian-Ukraine war.

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