January 23, 2023

AtlasRELAY Is an Outstanding Radio Module Protecting Soldier's Lives

Atlas presents a unique opportunity to use UAVs at their full potential. You can plan missions for long-distance and keep soldiers' lives with AtlasRELAY.


AtlasRELAY has many benefits on the battlefield. Radio module is placed on the roof of the armored vehicle, a house, or a neighboring house, and the operator hides in a safe place (e.g. a trench) on distance of 50 meters (0.03 mile) away from it. AtlasRELAY simulates a ground control station and emits a signal. The pilot can increase or break the direct visibility of the connection between the ground control and the drone.

AtlasRELAY's usefulness is not limited to military missions. It’s also invaluable for search and rescue operations; for all situations where you need to extend search distances to save lives.

AtlasRELAY can also be equipped with Starlink. It enables the user to receive videos from anywhere in the world.

Functionalities of the AtlasRELAY:

1. Can be used as a mediator between a drone and an operator to control UAVs behind a line of vision;

2. It increases the coverage and capacity between AtlasPRO and AtlasSTATION in the targeted areas;

3. Can transmit live video from an aircraft to different remote devices and AtlasSTATION.

AtlasRELAY is a part of the MESH communication system between Atlas UAVs and AtlasSTATION.

It features an Atlas Aerospace self-made, 100% secure, RF module that provides a communication link with UAV and 5.8GHz 802.11n WiFi for wireless communication, and IEEE 802.3u 10/100M Ethernet for a wired connection to AtlasSTATION.

AtlasRELAY has a robust design, compact dimensions, and a battery life capacity of up to 8 hours; making it an ideal tool for outdoor operations. The device's dimensions are 87.5 x 188 x 53.5 mm, and its weight is 700g (1.5 lbs). AtlasRELAY is impact resistant against falls.

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