October 3, 2022

How UAV Technologies Save Soldiers' Lifes

Ivan Tolchinsky, CEO of ATLAS attended the tech conference IT Arena 2022. The tech conference focused on the future of military technology and cyberattacks.

The tech conference IT Arena 2022
The tech conference IT Arena 2022

During the panel discussion "The Future of UAV Technology" Ivan Tolchinsky placed special emphasis on protecting the life of the soldier that is operating the drone. The most important question in this arena of warfare is: how to keep the operator alive? ATLAS has successfully answered this challenge. We are talking about MESH and relay.

MESH allows one operator to control several drones at once from one remote control:

You should work in MESH. You can operate up to five drones together from a single remote ground station. You can command two drones in the air and lead the signal in two different directions. Therefore, the enemy will not be able to locate the direction and exact placement of the operator. This protection is a good thing. As one example, the soldiers of The British Army have called MESH a breakthrough in military missions.

There is another solution if you need to remain completely hidden, you can go under ground and use an Ethernet cable connected to the RELAY

RELAY is a reliable communication link that allows users to extend the range between themselves and the AtlasPRO, allowing for more flexibility in the usage of UAVs and extending the range of the secondary radio unit. It also transmits data to any remote device that is connected to the network.

An operator using a relay remains on hidden side of the signal, and the enemy is then confused and not able to find his position.

ATLAS produces dual-use drones. AtlasPro is supplied to The Netherland, British and Ukrainian armies. Other EU countries, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan use it for industrial purposes. Norway and Latvia - for rescuers missions. ATLAS additionally develops aerospace technologies to make controlling advanced systems easy for every user, regardless of their background, education or the conditions they find themselves in.

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