August 3, 2023

“Just yesterday, we finished studying to be drone operators, but today we are fully utilizing AtlasPRO near the city of Donetsk" - The Special Operations Forces in a Frontline Town in Ukraine

How Is a New Leader of the UAS Industry Born?

Testing AtlasPRO features
Testing AtlasPRO features

ATLAS has made it possible to incorporate modern technology in military and intelligence missions.

The AtlasPRO drone combines a robust and sleek design and has an exceptionally unique SDR module with a reliable anti-interference mode.


Smart hopping, flying in MESH with up to 50 drones, hot swapping devices during the flight, video streaming, and data encryption. Whatever users need, ATLAS brought together the best UAS features into one single device.

All of these capabilities have been put to use in Ukraine, where ATLAS products have become familiar to the military. One day, a soldier in the Ukrainian Air Assault Brigade was studying how to use AtlasPRO, the next day they are taking advantage of all that AtlasPRO offers near Donetsk.

“Just yesterday, we finished studying to be drone operators, but today we are fully utilizing AtlasPRO near the city of Donetsk. The drone is very resistant to countermeasures and was able to maintain stable connections during the flight, despite encountering numerous jamming systems," said Artem D.
“AtlasPRO detects that it is being jammed, but the connection remains stable,” he continued.

Under the hood of the AtlasPRO is the SDR. This module is optimized for UAVs and has a reliable anti-interference mode. Analog radio signals are converted into digital data as quickly as possible. Atlas SDR has anti-jamming and smart frequency hopping.

Ivan Tolchinsky, the CEO of ATLAS said:

“The company's engineers also tried to improve streaming by introducing new features. The picture must be clear in all conditions and with any obstacles in order to see the enemy. The developers succeeded.”

According to Artem D., the soldier, he did not even use the zoom at full power, but stayed at 6x and 7x. He said that it is valuable that the camera can easily see what system of electronic suppression the enemy uses and, based on this intelligence data, helps the user decide which drones to use - depending on which ones are jammed.

Apart from performing the basic functions of a drone, AtlasPRO also has been used to run special missions to help make decisions about deploying and saving other drones.

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