October 12, 2023

The ATLAS Ecosystem Captured the Spotlight at the 5th Mountain Warfare Congress

This year's congress, themed "Vertical Maneuver," brought together leaders in the field, from senior NCO's to NATO country brigade commanders.

AtlasNEST flight demonstration
AtlasNEST flight demonstration

ATLAS showcased its ecosystem of devices and shared learnings taken from its real-world operational experience in Ukraine.

During the event, ATLAS has demonstrated the operation of the AtlasNEST, AtlasTETHER system, and shown operations with AtlasPROs in MESH. All these products are in the ATLAS ecosystem. The user can utilize ATLAS’s ecosystem of products from one remote control.

An Ecosystem of Excellence

ATLAS's presence was marked by the dynamic presentation of an ecosystem of devices designed to enhance the capabilities of units and empower defense forces to secure their homelands. The ATLAS devices seamlessly integrate into the command center and can operate remotely, offering commanders and troops innovative solutions for heightened situational awareness as well as communication between command centers.

Member of the ATLAS Business Development and Sales team, Viktor Bikov, said:

"The Atlas Ecosystem is designed to redefine the way we perceive the sky. Whether it's autonomous flight, real-time data capture, or rapid deployment in critical scenarios. Military units from different countries witness firsthand how precision and innovation come together to revolutionize industries and shape the future.”

One of the standout devices presented by ATLAS was AtlasNEST, which is specifically engineered for each scenario and for working in MESH. MESH allows for seamless coordination and communication between multiple ATLAS devices

AtlasPRO took off from the AtlasNEST docking station and demonstrated its prowess in providing real-time aerial surveillance, reconnaissance, and data collection at high-altitude. ATLAS's ecosystem also features cutting-edge communication systems AtlasRELAY, mapping tools and targets, and advanced navigation aids, all tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by its users.

An ATLAS instructor commented on the NEST demonstration:

“During the AtlasNEST flight demonstration, the device vividly demonstrated its unrivaled capabilities in tackling intricate obstacle courses, carrying out precise operations, and effectively communicating with a remote command center. One pilot has remotely operated three AtlasPROs and AtlasNEST through AtlasSTATION.” 

A Platform for Progress

The 5th Mountain Warfare Congress, which was held in Slovenia, fostered discussions on the critical role of technology in enhancing warfare capabilities. ATLAS's offerings were met with keen interest, as the ecosystem of devices and experience in Ukraine were seen by those at the event as valuable assets in the pursuit of security.

ATLAS's ecosystem of devices and experience-driven insights have undoubtedly positioned the company as a key player in advancing the capabilities of mountain warfare units, and participation in the 5th Mountain Warfare Congress was evidence of that.

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