June 19, 2023

The Show Has Begun! What ATLAS Has Debuted at the Paris Air Show

New technologies, unique solutions, and an unrivaled show. What awaits ATLAS visitors at the Paris Air Show? Find out below.


The World of ATLAS Technology 

The exhibition in Le Bourget is the first for ATLAS. Our team has crafted an entire world and ecosystem of easy-to-use technologies that change approaches to business management, ATLAS solutions can reduce the cost of doing business tenfold. We are beyond excited to be showcasing them at this year’s show.

From Ivan Tolchinsky, CEO of ATLAS:

Before creating my first drone, I only had one main rule: Technology should be accessible to everyone, and a good drone should be affordable and easy to use. All ATLAS devices are created with this principle in mind. 

The two new ATLAS products being launched this year are the AtlasPERKONS and the AtlasTETHER

In addition to these, visitors to the stand will get acquainted with the dual-use tricopter AtlasPRO, the AtlasAVALANCHE PRO rescue drone, the docking and charging platform AtlasNEST, various payloads - including a thermal imaging one, remote controls, the AtlasRELAY radio module, which allows for BVLOS missions and flying in MESH, and the AtlasSDR module that resists jamming and spoofing. 

On top of that, you also can get to know the new ATLAS universal remote controller - AtlasSTATION ULTRA.

Read more about the ATLAS products showing at PAS in further reports from the exhibition that we will be bringing you each day. 

AR and Eco-Initiatives

You can experience our products not only in person but also anywhere you go. Evaluate the size and design of the devices using AR. Scan the code in the ATLAS brochure or on one of the screens at the company's stand to get started. 

ATLAS consistently looks for ways to reduce our footprint on the environment, so you will find a part of the brochures in digital form accessible from one of the screens at the stand.

You can evaluate the ATLAS devices directly carrying out missions, and find specific use cases they bring solutions to by watching the video at our booth. One large screen and three smaller ones present visitors with video tutorials and recordings from real missions.

There is also a surprise for avid Instagram and Facebook users. Complete your first mission with ATLAS - take a photo with the "ATLAS at the PAS" filter which has a flying drone with a sight.

The Paris Air Show occupies 125,000 m² of exhibition space - do not miss the opportunity to experience our products first-hand. Meet us at the ATLAS booth in Hall 4 - F4, from the 19th to the 25th of June 2023.

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