June 28, 2023

What Will Define the Future of Aerospace Technologies?

ATLAS has presented its ecosystem of products at the Paris Air Show 2023. Read on for more information about the company’s future plans and UAV market requests.

Paris-Le Bourget is a small airport 12 km from Paris that generally leads a  quiet life, serving as a home for business class civilian flights and as an aerospace museum; however, for one week every two years, the sky over Le Bourget is filled with airplanes of various calibers, flying over tens of thousands of people crowded on the ground like ants. Welcome to the Paris Air Show - one of the world's largest exhibitions of aerospace technology!

Smart electronics will differentiate individual companies

The noise of a jet plane directs the attention of visitors to the show going on in the sky. Airplanes and fighter jets exchange places with one other, showing off with dramatic turns not only for the sake of the cameras but also for the sake of potential contracts. But small unmanned systems also receive just as much attention; they can offer quick solutions. Here, large and small players in the aerospace industry present unique technical innovations and solutions, the air smells of money, and the total value of signed contracts reaches 140 billion dollars.

When it comes to buying modern technology, the discerning drone customer wants to get the most complete product at a comfortable, low cost.

One of the lead engineers at ATLAS describes aspects of competition within the current drone market.

So far, some unique drone abilities are winning. The drone itself, as such, does not change, but progress is made in improving its components. Some tricky radios that can resist jamming come out; GPS that’s hard to jam. Smart electronics will make individual companies stand out.

And, a key differentiating factor for drones can be, of course, having a working ecosystem, where one product controls and combines with the others and all products work cohesively together as a single space for technology and innovation.

ATLAS ecosystem 

The AtlasPRO drone, which can be equipped with different payloads and remote controls, adapts to different missions from rescue to military, can boast a stable signal, and lands on a station that will automatically replace its battery. This is the ATLAS ecosystem the ATLAS team has presented in Paris this year.

How can we to surprise the exhibition visitors? Champagne!” ATLAS employees joke and rush to answer questions from visitors who prefer modern technology to drinks.

“Cosmic, modern, cool!” - such reviews are collected near the charging and docking station AtlasNEST. AtlasNEST is one of the flagship products presented by ATLAS this year in Le Bourget. The device is a proprietary hub specifically designed for the AtlasPRO UAV, enabling 24/7 drone readiness and fully automated operation with automated take-off, landing, and battery replacement, as well as pre-planned missions.

An ATLAS instructor explains:

Customers really like that NEST does not just charge the drone; it autonomously changes its battery with a mechanical arm and charges while the drone is on a mission. There are four of these batteries in NEST.

What is the most valuable resource for customers? Having a NEST at the airport, on the ground at an infrastructure facility, etc, you save precious time and money. The station works for you. AtlasPRO takes off from the platform, monitors the mission, and detects hazards. At the same time, you monitor remotely.

One, Two, Three! It’s very simple, an  ATLAS sales manager says, unfolding the AtlasPRO tricopter with one hand.

The AtlasPRO drone has become the most recognizable at the exhibition primarily due to its unique design. The drone market doesn't see many tricopters. A drone with good aerodynamics that is at the same time compact for easy transportation is highly in demand in the market. AtlasPRO, which can be equipped with various payloads, meets both of these criteria. Also, it is designed for industrial and military tasks, for example, for mapping, control of high-risk areas, monitoring, rescue, and military reconnaissance missions.

Ivan Tolchinsky, ATLAS CEO, says:

The world is changing very dynamically, the consumer wants to quickly get their inexpensive but very high-quality product. ATLAS didn't have to take on this new challenge because that is already our philosophy: affordable innovation at a reduced price. And we saw this at the Paris Air Show, where a record number of small drones were showcased this year. This has not happened before. This is what the client needs.

ATLAS also presents two new solutions at the exhibition - AtlasPERKONS and AtlasTETHER, which complement the company's eco-system. In the year ahead, ATLAS will also present several new solutions, including small drones and remote control.

As the planes land on the runway, and the drones return to their home points, the Paris Air Show 2023 comes to an end, but the work of the exhibition companies is just beginning. Stay tuned for new ATLAS solutions soon.

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Also, you can read THE ATLAS GUIDE TO THE PARIS AIR SHOW 2023, a partner project ATLAS and DroneExpos.

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