Atlas Thermal Player

Atlas Thermal Player is a tool that allows you to analyse the data on your computer after the flight, measure the temperature, and use different analysis algorithms. All Atlas Thermal Cameras use thermal RAW format, which helps you to store important data and make analytics in the future. Also, the thermal player shows the map of the location with UAV flight pass



Colorspace Selection

Change the colourspace of the thermal data

Map View

See UAS actual flight path in map view

Temp. Adjustments

Single slider to adjust  both colouring and thresholding ranges

Save Current Frame

Button to save the current frame as the image (frame is saved into the same directory as video)

Point Measurments

Measure temperature in the given point (click on the video and a tooltip will show the temperature measurements)

Export to MJPEG

Export video into the MJPEG format

Adjust Playback Speed

Draw a rectangle on the video to zoom in a particular region (right-click on a mouse to reset the zoom)

Zoom In/Out

Adjust playback speed of the video

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