December 31, 2023

ATLAS ECOSYSTEM And Small UAV Technologies: 2023 Results

This year has shown that small systems are becoming more and more popular and are gradually replacing large, expensive solutions. Simple and functional drones, and other UAV’s working in the same network turn into reliable assistants in all sectors - from industry to defense. Among the many highlights of the year, ATLAS unveiled its unique ecosystem solution that is adaptable to many different use cases. Here, we recount some of the many ways ATLAS changed the game in 2023.

ATLAS ECOSYSTEM Revolutionizes the World of UAV Technology

In 2023, ATLAS presented ATLAS ECOSYSTEM. This is a network of connected products interacting with each other via Atlas MESH technology. One device can be a relay for another and transmit a signal within the system, ensuring stable communication and continuous data transmission until the mission is accomplished. It is possible to work in MESH with up to 5 devices.

Ivan Tolchinsky, CEO of ATLAS, elaborated on the innovation:

"To control a drone, a rover or other product from the ATLAS ECOSYSTEM all in parallel, one needs to only have one remote control and pair the devices in the Atlas MESH network. This technology allows not only for creating multi-level missions and performing complex tasks, but most importantly, to provide a signal and communication to other devices when the terrain or operating conditions present obstacles for controlling the drone."

AtlasULTRA is a Remote Control That Breaks Market Standards

The next generation remote control AtlasULTRA was announced at the Paris Air Show 2023 and presented at the NEDS 2023 exhibition in the Netherlands. It also forms part of the ATLAS ECOSYSTEM - which not only allows you to create a local MESH network, but also easily integrate third-party software and interact with third-party devices. Its ultra-bright 2000 nits screen, joystick vibration, IP65 protection and ergonomic design allow you to feel and control the mission even in harsh weather conditions.


A Tethered Solution for Surveillance in NO-GPS Mode

Another device in the ATLAS ECOSYSTEM is AtlasTETHER - debuted at the Paris Air Show 2023 and presented at the 5th Mountain Warfare Congress and other exhibitions, and also successfully tested in Ukraine. The device allows users to carry out missions with zero GPS satellites or in the midst of signal jamming, as well as exchange data with other devices in the MESH network at the same time.

AtlasTETHER is an unmanned system that can provide power to a drone not via a battery, but from a cable attached to the drone. This allows the user to continuously maintain visibility of the required area with a wide viewing angle within 10 km. During testing, AtlasTETHER was launched to a height of 70 meters. Then communications, including all 19 satellites, were jammed. Thanks to the optical flow technology implemented by AtlasTETHER engineers, the device held its position and did not succumb to spoofing, and the picture remained stable. AtlasTETHER represents just one of many ways ATLAS innovated and provided more value to our clients in 2023.


AtlasMICRO is a Small System for Macro Challenges

If you want to barely be able to be identified in the sky, fly indoors, or build 3D projections, this drone will be the best solution for you. It weighs in at just 249g and is able to integrate with MESH out of the box with all other ATLAS systems, and is also immediately capable of BVLOS flight. The mighty and intelligent AtlasMICRO drone expands your mission horizons. It was also presented at the NEDS 2023 exhibition in the Netherlands.

Advanced imaging capabilities with 4K video and 8K photo resolution make every detail clear. Fly day or night inside complex buildings and urban environments for 30 minutes with a 7km range. Onboard AI evaluates intricate environments to generate real-time 3D flight paths, thereby enabling unmatched obstacle avoidance.


All ATLAS products undergo regular testing to assure they remain effective in achieving all that is required of them. In one example, during 2023 the AtlasPRO drone passed successful tests in the jamming-filled war zone near Bakhmut and Donetsk. Thanks to its smart hopping function, AtlasPRO independently determines where the enemy’s electronic warfare complex is located, scans frequencies to detect the jamming range, and automatically jumps to frequencies that are free.

Among many other additional advancements in the year, ATLAS adapted optical flow technology for AtlasPRO drones and increased its battery capacity, increasing the flight time from 35min. to 40min. The company expanded its representation and opened an R&D office in Ukraine. Among the tasks of the new office are customer support, the development of new products and technologies, and the improvement of existing processes in Ukraine. With this expanded presence in the country, we are able to work even closely with our customers and more quickly adapt and innovate via increased direct awareness of their needs.  

One of the key areas customer support aids our clients is in the realm of training. ATLAS has developed an extensive training program for military customers and, in particular, has released a series of tutorials that will help pilots learn how to most effectively operate ATLAS drones by mastering how to tap into all of the capabilities of their exciting technologies.

Thank you to all of our clients for your trust, and see you in the New Year!

Your ATLAS team.

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